Cookers Information

What are the Friday night categories?

Kids Que! For all the future grill-masters-&-chefs in training, this contest if for your little ones! Have them serve up their tastiest BURGER for the judges!

Dessert! Desserts must be prepared onsite and can be entered in any container of cooks choice! BE CREATIVE and impress the judges!

        Margaritas!  Make your best Margarita for the judges to taste!


What is The Governor’s Trophy?

The Governor’s Trophy - is for the top scoring Tennessee team. All TN teams are entered. Winner is determined by the highest overall score of the four KCBS categories.  The Winner of the Governor's Trophy receives free entry into next year's TN River BBQ Fest competition.


What else do Cook Teams need to know?

  • Yes, you can bring a RV or camper. We have a separate area for teams that have RVs that they cannot fit into their contest space.  Teams just need to note on the registration form and also inform the BBQ Competition Chair.
  • We will allow only one vehicle, if it can fit into the inside dimensions of your cook site. No vehicle will be allowed to park in front of the cook site. All other vehicles will be able to park in additional parking lots.

KCBS Rules

The TN River BBQ Fest is sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society. Download a copy of the official KCBS rules and regulations.